VIP web design Days

A website in a day... For when you need a beautiful website like yesterday!

If you're anything like me, once you get an idea in your head you become crazy impatient, and just want it done now!


Being a busy coach or service provider, you've already got so much on your plate.

You know you need a high converting web site to call home on the internet, but it's something that just keeps getting pushed back.

no more waitlists

not anymore

There is another way

I've heard your needs

You're ready to say goodbye to your past DIY website, and make this a place you're desperate to showoff

You need a website that works for you, so you can wake up to new dreamy clients booking in with you

You're tired of coming up against long waitlists, and need a beautiful website up and running now!

You're looking for a more affordable option that's still going to have a professional design

Allow me to introduce VIP Days, which gets you a website in a day.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm of creating your own website, and book in a full day dedicated solely to you. Sounds pretty nice ay?

And at the end of that, you'll walk away with not only a beautiful new website, but one that has been designed in a way to help you connect with your dream clients helping you book more and more of them.

So how does it work exactly?

Step One

Book in a free consultation call with me, in which we can deep dive into your needs, figure out if we're a good fit, and find a day that works for you.

I'll send you the contract, an in-depth copywriting guide, and web design questionnaire. 

50% deposit is due upon booking.

Step Two

Upon receipt of the questionnaire and copy writing prompts, we'll jump on an in-depth strategy call which should last about an hour.

This is to ensure I fully understand your vision and requirements for the website, and to provide you any feedback within the copy.

This is usually done a few days prior to the VIP Day.

Step three

The design process takes place. 

I'll provide you with updates throughout the day so you can see your brand new website coming to life.

You'll have full access to me during the day, so there'll be time for numerous updates as we go.

Step four

I'll hand over your new website for your approval, and you'll have 7 days after care.

Payment is due upon completion of the website.

Please note, as the template store is still growing, you may get an extra cheeky day from me for no additional cost.

All this for only $1500

Book Now

What can we get done in one day?

A hell of a lot my friend!

You'll select a template from the shop, and I'll fully customize the design for you, with your branding, images, and content.

Add or remove sections and pages

Add an email sign up form

Rearrange page elements

Add pop-up or embed forms

Link your shop or course

from this

to   this

Frequently Asked Questions


I'll need all your branding information, images and web page inspiration. As well as the questionnaire, and the copywriting content forms back from you. You will also need to be available on the day, so that we can go back and forth with communication easily.

What do I need to have done for our VIP day?

I use Showit, which I can't recommend enough for it's ease of use. This can be easily linked to a Wordpress site.

what website platform do you use?

The VIP day will be based on a 5 page web template. If you require further pages such as a long form sales page, I can provide you with 2 back to back VIP days for only $750 more.

What if I need more time

You will have a full 7 days of aftercare from the VIP day

What if I need help after?

I take on 4 VIP clients a month, and we will need roughly a week to get prepped

How soon can we get started

So the total investment is $1500, which you can split into two payments, the first is due when you sign the contract, and the second is due upon completion.

Do you offer payment plans?


The Morning GameChanger

Charlotte has been incredible throughout this process. 

I was nervous to take on a VA to start with, but she made me feel much better about everything, and now I have a beautiful website, with effective copywriting!

Which is more than what I asked for.

ready for a stunning website built in one day?

Let's get this sorted for you sweet

book now

Invest in your dreams.... grind now
shine later