Isla came to me looking for a feminine, bold & modern brand.

As a self-love coach, she needed something that would feel approachable, warm & dependable.

But also far away from any stigma of coaching. Something that would feel fresh, & a safe place for women to discover themselves.

A look inside the design process

Her messaging is about taking women on a journey to discover a truth that they've locked inside of themselves. 

To discover how to open their minds to a new way of thinking with so much love.

& to feel fully supported along their journey.

It's time to cultivate DEEP levels of trust in your intuition.

to become immersed in your worthiness,

and to claim the abundant and limitless life you desire and deserve.

I looked at earthy colours for the project with imagery to pull the sense of connection warmth and support together.

But also with a feminine feel throughout to replicate the beauty of themselves these women discover.

The arches within the logo represent a hug, or having an arm wrapped around you, which is what Isla wanted her approach to feel like.

The curves within the display font also have the same wrap around feel, while being modern, and a bit quirky - which is why Isla chose to work with me for my style.

As for the web design, this needed to be something modern to represent a new way of doing things.

With a minimalist feel, to allow her ideal client not be overwhelmed when going through the website.

But instead feel a sense of calm, & of course that they were in the right place.

Charlotte I can't thank you enough. 

I had no idea what I actually wanted to my branding to look like, I just knew how I wanted it to feel, which you've captured perfectly with the brand strategy and web design.

I'm overwhelmed, and it's been such a pleasure working with you.

Kind words from Isla

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