About You and Me


About me, blog author virtual assistant

Hey Lady, I see you!

You’ve got growth on your mind and I love that!

But you’ve got this huge launch to do in your business



Time is something you never seem to have anymore


Your to-do list is growing not shrinking


You don’t have the audience to presell to


You’re not 100% on all the design work or the systems


Imposter syndrome and perfectionism is freaking you the fuck out


Overwhelm is real, and you don’t know where to start


I feel you my love!


I’m Charlotte, and I help ‘ladies who launch’ free their time and create their dream lives.


I get it, you’re trying to ‘do all the things’ right now to perfect your launch, but ‘all the things’ are overwhelming and oh so time consuming!

You’re showing up on your social media channels every day, because you must.

You’re designing and creating content for all the different landing pages.

You’re developing that irresistible opt-in freebie to build your email list.

You’re wondering Where.The.Fuck. do I even start?

And then, our little pal imposter syndrome or perfectionism comes along like “Hey!!!! Remember me? I hear you’re doing something awesome with your life so figured I should be here for the ride!”


Wow, it’s a lot!


And I know it’s a lot because I have been there! When starting my Virtual Assistant business, I had no clue where to start. I had no audience. No clients. And I was doing all the work by myself.


Hello burnout.


It took me 3 months to finish my website because I just kept doing it over again because, you know. Perfectionism!

Once I’d found processes that helped me build my business, oh my good god, the imposter syndrome was unreal. I actually almost closed down my business. I got rid of all my clients, except one.




I took some time out. I had some me time, I did additional learning and really figured out what I wanted to do with the business next, and that’s lead me here.


So my love, you’re not going to go on this same journey I did.


If you’re a coach or course creator, then my expertise as a Virtual Assistant will help you free your time, which I know you know is priceless!

If you’re a Virtual Assistant or aspiring Virtual Assistant, I know what to do, and what not to do when setting up, running and growing a VA business, plus the mindset struggles and how to overcome them.

And this is my passion in life, I want you to free your time and build your dream.

So together, we’ll both have that nice happy ending!


Ok, ok, I promised you an about me and I’ve gone off on a tangent…


Not deliberate at all!

I’m currently living as an expat in Cambodia, which is where I started my business. Not to brag or anything, but we could still go to the pubs while the rest of the world was in lockdown. It’s caught up with us now and it’s no fun!

Speaking of pubs, I have an excellent talent for drinking wine. I just don’t have a limit.  Hey no judgement, this is a safe place here.

Also, the Cambodian life has got to me. You might see me referencing my cats Rodney and Frank on my social media, but I’m actually a dog gal! I’ve just been a sucker for the strays!

If you’re ready to free your time…


Book a call with me to find out how I can be your right-hand lady and say goodbye to overwhelm. (I promise I won’t be drinking wine.)

Or get your Virtual Assistant biz to where it deserves to be with 1:1 coaching.


Either way, never stop being the incredible and unstoppable lady who launches that you are!